Dear Friend of the PUSHwithBarbara Campaign,

We are happy to share some great news and exciting updates!

Recent polls that rate the democratic nominees for the District 6 Prince George’s County Council seat have been conducted and our grassroots campaign has been rated very high!

We are just a few short months away from the primary election on June 28, 2022.Your continued support is critical, as well as the support from your family, neighbors, and colleagues. We have met with many residents through door-knocking, in-person and virtual meetings, and are still on a mission to reach all of the 100,000 residents in District 6.

Happy New Year – New Opportunities!

One year ago on January 6, 2021, our Nation was under attack! We will NEVER forget the images we watched on the news and social media. Our nation must continue to unite to ensure that we protect our civil rights, our voice, and our vote while protecting our elected officials and police departments.

Dear Friend,

As we begin 2022, I share my sincere appreciation for your support of my PUSHwithBarbara campaign! We are six months away from the primary election on June 28, 2022. Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

With my team and supporters like you, we have and will continue to PUSH to serve our community through our grassroots movement! 

As we prepare to celebrate the end of 2021, please accept my appreciation for your support of my PUSHwithBarbara campaign!

I filed for candidacy to run for the District 6 County Council seat on July 31, 2021. With my team and supporters like you, we have and will continue to PUSH to serve our community through our grassroots movement!

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